King Valley Conveyancing Director Karen Barber holds the highest level of Education and Licensing and will be able to provide you with Legal Advice in relation to your property transaction.

You can rest assured your Sale or Purchase is being handled by a competent specialist.

Karen Barber

Principal / Licensed Conveyancer

Karen Barber settled in the King Valley after working for City Law firms for many years in property and Conveyancing. Karen has also owned and operated a very successful Conveyancing Practice in Melbourne for 18 years.

Karen holds an RMIT Business University Diploma of Financial Services (Conveyancing) and has served on the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (VIC DIV) Committee whose charter is to promote and monitor high standards and ethics, training and professional development programs.

With her wealth of knowledge, you are assured of a thorough and professional transaction.


Vendor Statements

Section 32 Statements are disclosure Statements regarding the property & title, prepared by the Vendors Conveyancer.


Settlement Date is the date the Purchaser takes possession of the Property.

Discharging Mortgage

Some lending institutions will require your signatures on a “Discharge Authority”.

Fees and Charges

Any Mortgage, Caveat or Charge registered against your property is required to be discharged at settlement.

Rate Adjustments

The adjustment of rates ensures the Vendors pay all rates and taxes due on the property up until settlement date.

Why do I need a Conveyancer when buying or selling my property?

A Licensed Conveyancer is a person other than a legal practitioner, licensed to: undertake conveyancing work, do legal work or give legal advice about the transfer of title.


  • Nicole Pegrum

    I will always refer my clients from the bank to you Karen. Your knowledge and customer service is amazing, it’s all about the customer for you and your team. Well done and good luck.

  • Kate Andrew Derer
    Kate Andrew Derer

    We have used Karen for our Conveyancing for two properties so far. She is very professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend using her services. We will definitely be using Karen for our Conveyancing in the future.

  • Kevin Mooney
    Kevin Mooney

    I had always thought conveyancing had the potential to be problematic, one always hears the difficult stories. NOT the case with Karen and her team, such a breeze! easy to deal with, great communicators and they took all the hassle away. I could not speak more highly of Karen & team.

  • Mario Mori
    Mario Mori

    Karen is a great professional and her services are top class. Highly recommended if you ever need a trusted conveyancer.

  • Darcy Burch
    Darcy Burch

    Fantastic service! Simple, easy and friendly staff.

  • Cherie Cheshire
    Cherie Cheshire

    Thanks King Valley Conveyancing team for making it all so smooth and easy!!! This is the most professional and outstanding conveyancing company you will ever deal with. Karen and her great team focus on the customer experience and always deliver best results. Decades of experience and a warm, friendly, professional approach. I would never use anyone else. King Valley Conveyancing have the right stuff.

  • Nicole Waters
    Nicole Waters
    I have had the pleasure of dealing with Karen Barber both professionally and personally. Karen and her team are a delight to deal with and were able to give me sound advice on things that I, even working within the real estate industry, was unaware of. This pointed me in a better direction when selling and purchasing. Her advice is clear and concise. Her wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and incredible work ethic ensured that both transactions went through smoothly. You all do a wonderful job! Thank you again for making it so stress-free.
  • Vanessa Kupsch
    Vanessa Kupsch
    I have known Karen Barber professionally for over ten years. Not only has Karen handled my personal conveyancing needs several times, being myself a Mortgage Broker; I refer all of my precious clients to King Valley Conveyancing. It is important for me to provide an all round great experience for my own clients and I would never hesitate to put them in Karen's safe and highly experienced hands. They are a professional team with all of the most up to date training and qualifications. Highly recommend.


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